Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 1 (9), 2010


Table of contents:

  1. Philippa COLLINS – Corporate social responsibility and ISO 26000: A double oxymoron? Discussion issues
  2. Aleksandra CZUPRYNA-NOWAK – Determinants of performance of inframe systems in company management
  3. Liviu DRUGUS – What is management: science, discipline or opinion? EMMY as a postmodern and transdisciplinary alternative to modern management
  4. Daniel GHERASIM, Adrian GHERASIM – Communication in a modern enterprise
  5. Alexandra GUMENNAIA – Corporate social responsibility in innovative economic development
  6. Krzysztof MICHALSKI, Barbara BIAŁECKA – Model of decision support system in a chemical company using LCA
  7. Siew-Imm NG, Keng-Kok TEE, Yeng-Wai LAU – Roles of bank branch managers in Malaysia
  8. Barbara SORYCHTA-WOJSCZYK – Identification of critical success factors in the development of assets of liquidated hard coal mines
  9. José G. VARGAS-HERNÁNDEZ, Mohammad Reza NORUZI – Project risk in innovation management
  10. Przemysław WRÓBEL – The role and importance of social capital in social cooperatives – Empirical analysis of social capital dimensions