Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 1 (17), 2012


Table of contents:

  1. Dorota Mroczkowska – The inference process and sense of agency as elements of interpersonal communication in the organization
  2. Radosław WOLNIAK, Bożena SKOTNICKA-ZASADZIEŃ – Quality factors of services provided by medical clinics
  3. Ewa STAWIARSKA – Marketing and logistic management of ordering and ordering processes
  4. Jerzy BARUK – Improvement of organization processes and methods in public administration institutions
  5. Przemysław GRABOWSKI – Production function in enterprise management
  6. Katarzyna DOHN, Adam GUMIŃSKI, Wojciech ZOLEŃSKI – Factors determining the development of an IT system supporting knowledge management in a production enterprise
  7. Agata STACHOWICZ-STANUSCH, Anna SWOROWSKA – Defining corruption in the context of cultural differences
  8. Agata STACHOWICZ-STANUSCH, Anna SWOROWSKA – Faces of corruption: forms and types of behavior
  9. Throstur OLAF SIGURJONSSON, Audur Arna ARNARDOTTIR – Privatization in the Nordic state – the case of Iceland
  10. Ewa KARBOWNIK – Advantages and problems related to system implementation enterprise resource management