Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 3 (35), 2016


Table of contents:

  1. Michalene Eva GREBSKI, Radosław WOLNIAK – Building an ecosystem for economic growth
  2. Piotr KORDEL – Technological Entrepreneurship and organizational development strategies – results of empirical research
  3. Piotr KORDEL, Joanna MACHNIK-SŁOMKA, Marek KRANNICH – Entrepreneurship and technological creation as well as positive orientation as elements of entrepreneurial behavior of the organization
  4. Małgorzata KOSZEMBAR-WIKLIK – Public relations in marketing of product innovations
  5. Helena KOŚCIELNIAK – Barriers and limitations of technological entrepreneurship of enterprises in empirical research
  6. Arkadiusz LEWICKI, Marta CZYŻEWSKA – Determinants of the dynamics of business processes
  7. Joanna MACHNIK-SŁOMKA – A key role of leadership in shaping creativity in high technology enterprises
  8. Agata MESJASZ-LECH – Unevenness in the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in Poland
  9. Jan STACHOWICZ – Rationalization of development strategies of high technology enterprises
  10. Marzanna K. WITEK-HAJDUK, Anna NAPIÓRKOWSKA – Framework for cooperation and co-ope- ration between producers and retailers: the prospect of six producers of consumer durables