Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 4 (40), 2017

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[DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2017.40]

Table of contents:

  1. Przemysław BARTOSZ – Concept of customer value management as opposed to development and growth of brand equity
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2017.40.1]
  2. Monika JAKUBIAK, Magdalena KONDAS – Employees’ adaptation as a critical element of human resources management – a case study
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2017.40.2]
  3. Magdalena KŁOPOTEK – The advantages and disadvantages of remote working from the perspective of young employees
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2017.40.3]
  4. Sylwia ŁĘGOWIK-ŚWIĄCIK, Marlena GRABOWSKA, Joanna KRZYWDA – Identification of factors affecting business models in enterprises
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2017.40.4]
  5. Radosław MĄCIK – Why can metrics of multichannel consumer behaviour be useful?
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2017.40.5]
  6. Agata MESJASZ-LECH – The influence of tourism infrastructure on the volume of tourism
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2017.40.6]
  7. Magdalena POKORA – Public-social partnership: an analysis of institutional capacity of local government units in Poland
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2017.40.7]
  8. Agata STACHOWICZ-STANUSCH, Wolfgang AMANN – Corporate social responsibility and corporate social irresponsibility
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2017.40.8]
  9. Ewa STAWIARSKA – Higher education courses expected by the enterprises the business activities of which are related to smart specialisations of the regions (on the example of the Silesian voivodeship)
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2017.40.9]
  10. Radosław WOLNIAK, Michalene Eva GREBSKI – Haver analytics as a tool to measure economic growth in Poland and the United States
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2017.40.10]