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IMPORTANT NOTE – Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly ISSUE No. 3 (47), 2019 is currently under review.

The latest ISSUE of Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly – ISSUE No. 2 (46), 2019 is available below:

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[DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2019.46]

Table of contents:

  1. Michał DZIADKIEWICZ, Paweł CICHOWSKI – Image management of a physical recreation instructor
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2019.46.1]
  2. Bożena GAJDZIK, Sandra GRABOWSKA – Directions of development of metallurgical enterprises in the era of Industry 4.0
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2019.46.2]
  3. Magdalena GĘBCZYŃSKA – Constellations of conditions affecting employee job satisfaction in small and medium polish enterprises. A qualitative comparative analysis
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2019.46.3]
  4. Grażyna GIERSZEWSKA – Resource-wise determinants of formulating an organization’s strategy
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2019.46.4]
  5. Aleksandra KUZIOR, Bartosz SOBOTKA – Key competencies in the modern business services sector
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2019.46.5]
  6. Anna KWIOTKOWSKA – Possibilities of applying the configurational approach to business model research
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2019.46.6]
  7. Józef OBER, Janusz KARWOT – Innovative activities in the water and sewage industry
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2019.46.7]
  8. Marzena PIOTROWSKA-TRYBULL, Stanisław SIRKO – The impact of a military unit on the socio-economic situation of municipalities in the context of local development
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2019.46.8]
  9. Wojciech SADKOWSKI – Models of quality costs calculation and their classification
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2019.46.9]
  10. Krzysztof SKOWRON, Daria CHEBA – Diagnostic assessment of MZK Tychy’s customer service level
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2019.46.10]