Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 4 (44), 2018

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[DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2018.44]

Table of contents:

  1. Shalini ACHARYA – Relevance of Gandhian principles in the digital era
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2018.44.1]
  2. Wolfgang AMANN, Agata STACHOWICZ-STANUSCH – Viral nature of corruption in a world of business and academia
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2018.44.2]
  3. S.S. BINOJ, J.S. SUJATHA, I. DAVID – Tribe development through empowerment and technology
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2018.44.3]
  4. Mark DANNENBERG – The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2018.44.4]
  5. Debolina GUPTA – Implications of humanistic management for the employer and the employed
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2018.44.5]
  6. Subhasree KAR, Mary J. LILLIAN – Towards sustainability: required competencies of management graduates
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2018.44.6]
  7. S. MANJUNATH, B.M. BHARATHI– Impact of CSR deliberation for sustainability and spending patterns by indian companies
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2018.44.7]
  8. Krishnamurthy MEGHANA, Shiv K.TRIPATHI – Digital payment system for economic sustainability. A case study of Gujarat Narmada Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd in India
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2018.44.8]
  9. Oksana SEROKA-STOLKA – In the search for an environmental strategy model for the company – case study
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2018.44.9]
  10. Nakul SUBRAMANYAM, Basanna PATAGUNDI – Automation & artificial intelligence – boon or bane: a humanistic perspective
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2018.44.10]