Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 4 (8), 2009


Table of contents:

  1. Witold BIAŁY, Grzegorz BOBKOWSKI – Application of computer systems in supporting maintenance policy in mining industry
  2. Dominic S. DEPERSIS, Alfred LEWIS – The retirement system in the United States – An examination of the systemic dysfunction and macro consequences
  3. Agnieszka GRZESIOK – The “right of offset” of the value of property left beyond the present Polish borders
  4. Jo Ann HO, Ee Yin LIEW – Motivational perception of superiors and subordinates – the case of Malaysia
  5. Dan KIPLEY, Alfred LEWIS – Ansoff’s strategic success paradigm – empirical evidence supports its success with firms competing in a turbulent environment. Why then is it absynt from academic strategic management textbooks?
  6. Mariusz KRUCZEK – Process approach in supply chain structure analysis
  7. Tony LINGHAM – A learning needs theory of motivation: highlighting underlying needs from learning styles and their relation to work motivation
  8. Bonnie A. RICHLEY – Sustainability – a whole system perspective
  9. Radha R. SHARMA – Outsourcing as a strategy – HR challenges in globally distributed work
  10. Marco TAVANTI – Sustainable value management – leading organizations towards an integrated bottom line