Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 1 (13), 2011


Table of contents:

  1. Nina STĘPNICKA – Modern forms of cooperation of trade enterprises in Poland and in the world in the light of the concept of the flat world T.L. Friedman
  2. Stefan BERG – A combination of Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma tasks in a process interactive model for overall domain improvement product and process
  3. Radha R. SHARMA, Shallini SAGGAR – Research and practice in the field of business ethics: example of Indian company Shreyans Paper Mills Ltd.
  4. João J. FERREIRA, Alcino COUTO, Carla Susana MARQUES, Francisco DINIZ, Deolinda ALBERTO – Strengthening regional competitiveness through the use of the Triple Spiral model. Case study
  5. Anna RAKOWSKA – Cooperation between universities and business as a prerequisite for the development of leadership and managerial skills supporting the survival of the organization
  6. Agnieszka SITKO-LUTEK, Monika JAKUBIAK – Self-assessment of competences students of economics and management in the context of the requirements of the labor market
  7. Wojciech KOWALSKI – Character merchandising against the background of French law and German
  8. Grażyna OSIKA – Innovative processes in the organization and the concept of Karl Weick’s information systems
  9. Katarzyna SIENKIEWICZ-MAŁYJUREK – Management of public security in local government – the essence and initiatives
  10. Jerzy M. ŚCIERSKI – Directions of changes in the approach to quality management systems