Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 2 (18), 2012


Table of contents:

  1. Anna RAKOWSKA, Beata HYSA – Quality of information and managerial competences and decision making by the management in self-government administration
  2. Liliana HAWRYSZ, Katarzyna HYS – Effects of implementing quality management tools in the public sector
  3. Katarzyna KROT – The importance of trust in members of the online community on the example of construction and interior portals
  4. Dagmara LEWICKA – The influence of vertical trust on the pro-innovative attitudes of employees
  5. Eulalia SKAWIŃSKA, Romuald ZALEWSKI – The state and prospects for the development of technology transfer infrastructure units in Wielkopolska
  6. Małgorzata GAJOWIAK – The importance of informal institutions in sustainable development
  7. Radosław MĄCIK, Monika NALEWAJEK, Bartosz JÓŹWIK – Influence of the level of internationalization on the use of information and telecommunications technologies in communication and marketing activities by companies from the province Lublin
  8. Agnieszka LESZCZYŃSKA, Tomasz ŻUREK – Assessment of the sustainable development of the organization with the use of fuzzy inference
  9. Agnieszka BARUK, Anna IWANICKA, Tomasz GRUSZECKI – Customer knowledge management as a catalyst for success in the niche market
  10. Łukasz WIECHETEK – The concept of a temporary break-even point in the implementation of an IT system in small and medium-sized enterprises