Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 4 (52), 2020

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[DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2020.52]

Table of contents
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Table of contents:

  1. Joanna Mariola GAJDA – CSR activities in the perception of representatives of Generation [Page 5]
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2020.52.1]
  2. Jadwiga GRABOWSKA – Application of the selected lean tools in the automotive sector company [Page 19]
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2020.52.2]
  3. Adam GUMIŃSKI – A research tool for analysis of knowledge management in the metropolitan association of Upper Silesia and Dąbrowa Basin [Page 19]
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2020.52.3]
  4. Katarzyna Agnieszka IWANICKA, Marta JABŁOŃSKA, Agnieszka KOWALEWSKA, Tomasz BARNA – Application of group supervision as a method of developing staff in penal institutions [Page 47]
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2020.52.4]
  5. Piotr LUTEK – Model approach to brand implementation as a prerequisite for shaping the capital of a territorial brand [Page 59]
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2020.52.5]
  6. Rafał MIEDZIAK – A holistic approach to mergers and acquisitions in high-tech industries. Does the use of a holistic approach really avoid failure? [Page 69]
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2020.52.6]
  7. Maciej NOWAK, Małgorzata BLASZKE – The COVID-19 pandemic and the directions of changes in the Polish spatial management system [Page 89]
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2020.52.7]
  8. Maria NOWICKA-SKOWRON, Jan STACHOWICZ – Strategic management processes in organization. Challenges during the pandemic [Page 99]
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2020.52.8]
  9. Bartosz SEILER, Hanna BORTNOWSKA – Mission statements and values of Polish non-profit organisations [Page 117]
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2020.52.9]
  10. Monika ŚPIEWAK-SZYJKA, Milena BERA, Aneta ZAREMBA – Real estate management as a source of commune income [Page 147]
    [DOI: 10.29119/1899-6116.2020.52.10]