Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 1 (33), 2016


Table of contents:

  1. Bożena GAJDZIK – Network organization of capital groups in the domestic metallurgical sector
  2. Bożena GAJDZIK, Jan SZYMSZAL – Forecasting with C.C. Holta production volume and employment in the steel industry in Poland by 2020
  3. Piotr KOWALCZYK – Management of a special economic zone as a tool for the economic development of the city of Lublin
  4. Karol KRÓL – Organizational aspects of the fight against spam from the point of view of the average user
  5. Marcin LIPOWSKI, Ilona BONDOS – Omnichannel – will the market verify the theoretical concept?
  6. Radosław MIŚKIEWICZ – The problem of assessing organizational structures in the context of their similarity
  7. Elżbieta PAWŁOWSKA – Outline of economic, medical and management problems of contemporary medical entities
  8. Edyta Maria PIENIACKA – Premises of the diversification strategy. Perspective of selected strategic management schools
  9. Krzysztof SKOWRON, Aleksandra MOCIGEMBA, Paulina OSIAL – Quality of patient service in a modern treatment entity based on the example of the Independent Public Clinical Hospital No. 6 of the Silesian Medical University in Katowice Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center John Paul II
  10. Barbara SORYCHTA-WOJSCZYK, Anna MUSIOŁ-URBAŃCZYK – Analysis of the use of European funds in Poland – a new perspective, new challenges for the development of provinces