Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 2 (34), 2016


Table of contents:

  1. Kinga E. BEDNARZEWSKA – A triple helix as a model of cooperation in building the investment attractiveness of cities
  2. Michał FLIEGER – The concept of organizational cohesion
  3. Bożena GAJDZIK – Directions of changes in generation gap management in a production enterprise
  4. Bożena GAJDZIK – 8D reporting in handling complaints on the example of steel products
  5. Ewa KONSTANTY – Enterprises and microenterprises in Poland – characteristics and analysis of the functioning of the MSME sector on the domestic market
  6. Michał KORALEWSKI – Financing the purchase of fixed assets by beneficiaries of the European Social Fund
  7. Karol KRÓL – Employee opinion poll on employment conditions – case study
  8. Sylwia LORENC – Methodologies of value added reporting for stakeholders
  9. Ewa STAWIARSKA, Joanna MACHNIK-SŁOMKA – Application of modern IT tools in teaching towards ethical and anti-corruption behaviors
  10. Sławomir ŚWITEK – Lean Six Sigma as an example of the evolution of ways of solving problems in industry