Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 2 (30), 2015


Table of contents:

  1. Janusz CHAJĘCKI – Level of power distance in selected regions of Poland – results of research in public administration units
  2. Karol KRÓL – Organizational aspects of data security management from the perspective of phishing threats
  3. Bożena GAJDZIK – Work-life programs in diversity management
  4. Bożena GAJDZIK – Analysis of changes in the employment level in metallurgy in the long run
  5. Natalia NADOLSKA, Elżbieta PAWŁOWSKA, Tomasz SZEWC – Mobbing in public organizations on the example of an independent public health care facility
  6. Karolina PIETRAS, Katarzyna KLIMKIEWICZ – Is dialogue building a competitive advantage? The study of the managers’ perception of the competitive potential of stakeholder participation in the organization
  7. Agnieszka PIOTROWSKA-PIĄTEK – Analysis of the strategy for the development of universities in Poland
  8. Krzysztof SKOWRON – Corruption as a problem of public management
  9. Krzysztof SKOWRON – The role of knowledge in the functioning of medical entities
  10. Rafał TARASEWICZ – Measurement of the functioning of supply chains in an extended perspective