Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 4 (4), 2008


Table of contents:

  1. Anna RAKOWSKA – Competitive advantage and competences of Polish enterprises in the context of requirements for modern organizers
  2. Krystyna CZAPLICKA-KOLARZ, Jan BONDARUK – Foresight as a method of identifying social acceptance for changes in the management of environmental resources
  3. Wojciech DYDUCH – Measurement of organizational entrepreneurship as a premise for increasing efficiency
  4. Anna ZARĘBSKA – The importance of leadership in shaping the identity of the company’s organization
  5. Małgorzata BARON-WIATEREK – Organization of temporary employment and telework – conditions and characteristics
  6. Izabela GRZANKA – Research on the use of the company’s social capital in shaping customer relations in ICT companies in Poland
  7. Izabela MENDEL – Social entrepreneurship and its impact on the development of local social capital. Outline of the problem
  8. Dorota CHMIELEWSKA-MUCIEK – Influence of organizational culture on the knowledge management process
  9. Monika JAKUBIAK – Improvement of potential managers
  10. Aneta ALEKSANDER – The concept of identification in the light of literature research and in the practice of enterprises