Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 3 (31), 2015


Table of contents:

  1. Kinga E. BEDNARZEWSKA – Business process outsourcing – how to build an advantage in a competitive environment? The case of Lublin
  2. Michał DZIADKIEWICZ, Tomasz LIS – Provision of work as a method of debt regulation for managers of municipal housing
  3. Urszula FELINIAK – Rewarding for effects as the basis for building organizational effectiveness
  4. Bożena GAJDZIK – Self-assessment of suppliers in responsible acquisition of resources
  5. Rafał GRUPA, Marcin ŁĄCZEK – The phenomenon of corruption and its impact on the functioning of the organization
  6. Anna HORZELA – Benchmarking as the basis for improvement in a modern enterprise
  7. Katarzyna PIOTROWSKA – Comparative analysis of the Polish organizational culture and Portuguese enterprises
  8. Ewa STAWIARSKA – Creating product innovations in the context of the risk occurring in the supply systems of the automotive sector
  9. Grzegorz SZYMAŃSKI, Robert STANISŁAWSKI – Activities of Polish research and development units for the innovative development of small and medium-sized enterprises
  10. Wiktoria WORZAŁA – Selection of financing sources for an enterprise based on the example of an investment project