Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 1 (5), 2009


Table of contents:

  1. Maria Manuela Santos NATÁRIO, Ascensão Maria Martins BRAGA, António Joaquim Pires LOURENÇO – The innovation systems and the regional perspective. Comparative analysis is NUTS II of the Iberian Peninsula
  2. Marek BRZEZIŃSKI, Agnieszka LESZCZYŃSKA – Creativity and organizational dynamics
  3. Francisco DINIZ – Businesses’ local economic integration level: The case of two touristic Portuguese small and medium-sized market markets Silves and Tavira – a sectoral approach
  4. Marta CHOLEWA, Elena MIESZAJKINA – Outsourcing in poviat hospitals
  5. Elżbieta PAWŁOWSKA – Influence of social capital on the implementation of goals in closed health care institutions – selected aspects
  6. Przemysław WRÓBEL – Socio-economic aspects of the functioning of social enterprises
  7. Jacek BENDKOWSKI – Managing the process of creating and developing communities of activities
  8. Marta MACEŁKO – The phenomenon of the network
  9. Piotr KORDEL – Hypertext structure as an important tool for managing a knowledge-based organization
  10. Adam SKRZYPEK – Innovation and knowledge in the process of improving the competitiveness of enterprises