Organization & Management Scientific Quarterly, Issue No. 4 (16), 2011


Table of contents:

  1. Jan STACHOWICZ, Agata STACHOWICZ-STANUSCH – Clusters – a contemporary and future-oriented form of organization that enhances knowledge and value
  2. Lilla KNOP – Key assumptions of cluster analysis
  3. Lilla KNOP, Marta MACEŁKO, Izabela MENDEL – Creative clusters in contemporary Polish realities
  4. Sławomir OLKO – Analysis of relationships in clusters – a review of selected approaches
  5. Joanna MACHNIK-SŁOMKA – The importance of knowledge clusters in the commercialization of research results from universities
  6. Marcin KOZAK – Assessment of the impact of intellectual capital on the economic development of regions
  7. Marcin BARON – Trust and information in cluster initiatives
  8. Tomasz ŻMINDA – The role of clusters in shaping the innovativeness of enterprises on the example of the Lublin province
  9. Magdalena DACZYŃSKA, Marcin KELM, Bartłomiej ŚWIDEREK – Pro-innovative organizational model of the cluster – an example of a cluster of energy-saving technologies
  10. Liliana HAWRYSZ – Competences of cluster managers